Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination Review

Started as a review institution in 2013 for the Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination, Top Rank Review Academy is now known as the “Best Review Center for BSN Graduates” as it has already produced thousands of Registered Nurses and countless topnotchers. The national passing rate for this licensure examination declined for the past years. This challenge is addressed every season of review with the aid of Top Rank’s high-caliber lecturers and lectures formulated exclusively for the reviewees of Top Rank Review Academy. Years of experience cannot be denied with the way how this review center handled its students from the first step in the institution to the day they officially get their most sought-after licenses. It is the Top Rank Review Academy’s goal to deliver to its students a clear path towards being the next “frontliners” of healthcare professionals that is indeed an embodiment of Excellence Across Professions.

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