Philippine Dentists Licensure Examination Review

Licensure examination for Dentists is one of the most difficult board examinations launched by the Professional Regulation Commission as it includes two phases: the theoretical and practical phase. Top Rank Review Academy started its program for the mentioned course with an in-house review for schools in Dagupan City wherein the Top Rank covered the basic science subjects of tests I and II of the Dentistry Board Examination. Statistics shows that most students fail the basic science subjects more than the dental subjects that’s why these were addressed with how Top Rank Review Academy delivers the program of review to its future DMD students. Because of the success that cannot be denied with the pilot batch of reviewees, Top Rank Review Academy has officially started its full review for dentistry in 2017. This is the longest and most comprehensive dentistry review program that will surely guarantee the success of its reviewees in delivering them a clear path towards “shaping a better future” of the nation that is an epitome of Excellence Across Profession.

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