Philippine Criminologist Licensure Examination Review

Top Rank Review Academy is a multi-awarded national review provider that is well respected in the industry. It aims to level up the playing field of the review by providing high quality program that had consistently yielded exceptional results. Although mastered the health science courses, Top Rank Review Academy became versatile with offering other courses not limited to it. In just few years, the Top Rank produced hundreds of Registered Criminologists as well as topnotchers that resulted from the collaboration of the hardwork of the management, expertise of the lecturers, and the determination of the reviewees. Criminologist Licensure Examination Review is one of the longest and most comprehensive programs catered by the Top Rank. It is the Top Rank Review Academy’s goal to deliver its students a clear path towards being the next “enforcers of justice” that is indeed a way of exhibiting Excellence Across Professions.

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